Saturday, July 28, 2012

Reason #4 NOT to vote for Pres Obama: Excuse Me, Is Your “Obama Phone” Ringing?

One of the charges that show up on your phone bill (or if its a pay-as-you go , when you add minutes) is the "Federal Universal Service Charge."  Call it a consumer tax.  Or call it a fee.  It is money that the Federal government is getting from you and I and uses to give other people free "Obama Phones."

If you don't believe it, I understand. I did not believe it either.  So I did my own research and this is what I found.

There is indeed a Federally-funded program that is called ObamaPhone.  It puts a free pre-paid cell phone into the hands of qualified applicants with 250 free minutes.  And the program is named after the sitting President of the United States, so it essentially a built-in campaign advertisement.

The Federal Universal Service Charge was not always an ObamaPhone fee.  It predates Pres. Obama by about 12 years. Congress passed the Telecommunication Act of 1996, which prompted the Federal Communications Commission to establish the Federal Universal Service Fund (USF) in 1997 to comply with the regulation.  The basic idea is that telecommunication companies pay into the USF the money received from Universal Service Charge.  Ultimately the money comes from  consumers.  Originally intended to ensure that remote communities have access to telecommunications, under the Obama Administration, the money is funding free ObamaPhones.

If you are skeptical, go to and see for yourself.  

Reason #3 NOT to Vote for Pres. Obama

President Obama's trampling of the fond memory of Horatio Alger, Jr.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Reason # 2 to NOT vote for President Obama: Because BHO and the New Democrats Are the Real Reactionaries

They used to call conservatives knee-jerk reactionaries, but it appears that the irrationality and truly reactive behavior is coming from the American Left, which seems to be at war with some pretty fundamental tenets of human civilization.  The most fundemental of these rights is the sanctity of human life.

Some examples of Obama's anti-life agenda:

  • In December 2008, the BHO transition team published a "wish-list" from pro-abortion groups of the policy changes they'd like to see.
  • On January 22, 2009, BHO issued a statement celebrating the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision.
  • On January 23, 2009, BHO overturned the Mexico City Policy, freeing up Federal taxpayer funds for pro-abortion groups.
  • On February 3, 2009, BHO nominated porn-industry lawyer David Ogden as Deputy Attorney General.  Ogden had previously argued that girls as young as 14 need not have parental notification to get an abortion.
  • On March 15, 2009, BHO invited Planned Parenthood, Human Rights Campaign, and other pro-abortion groups to attend a health care reform summit.  No groups which advocate for either conscience protections or for pro-life approaches to medicine were invited.
  • On April 22, 2009, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton testifies before Congress that the Obama Administration is committed to the view that reproductive health includes the right to abort and that other country's pro-life laws need to be overturned.
  • On the same day, BHO's FDA issues an order making the abortifacient Plan B ("morning after pill") available to 17-year old girls without either a prescription or parental consent.
  • In December 2011, BHO announced that the U.S. will begin promoting a gay rights agenda overseas.
  • On February 11, 2011, BHO rolled-back conscience protections for health care workers.
  • On April 9, 2011, a budget deal retained Federal funding of Planned Parenthood. Subsequent attempts to defund Planned Parenthood earn Obama veto threat.
  • Augsut 31, 2011: HHS refused to rescind or substantially modify its restrictive mandate forcing religious entities to pay for contraception and abortifacients.  Not only is the HHS mandate ant-life, it forces religous organizations to pay for drugs/procedures in violation of its conscience in clear violation of the First Amendment. 
  • September 2011, BHO Admin ignores will of New Hampshire legislatures and gives Fed funds to NH Planned Parenthood.
  • October 7, 2011: BHO affirms support for HHS mandate.
  • Also in December 2011, BHO's HHS announced it would soon make the Plan B available for over-the-counter sales, meaning anyone of any age could purchase the drug.
  • January 23, 2012: BHO declares and praises Constitutional "right" to have an abortion despite utter absence of any such right from the Constitution or its Amendments.
  • February 1, 2012: BHO Admin declares there are no Constitutional problems with the HHS mandate despite specific language of the First Amendment... 

'Nuff said.

102 Days Before Presidential Election

And there are  at least 102 reasons NOT to vote for President Obama. This is reason #1 (Note: Reasons are not listed in any particular order):

Reason #1 NOT to vote for President Barack Obama: President Obama’s opposition to voter identification is a reason not to vote for him. In every other sphere of our lives, ID cards are considered not just okay, but desirable and even necessary. The Obama Administration would have us believe that voter identification is inherently discriminatory when in every other sphere of life identification is ...not discriminatory: They check identification at the pharmacy, the doctor’s office, courthouses, Federal buildings, military bases, when picking up mail at the post office, at colleges, at the gym, etc. Are we to conclude that this is discrimination as well?

The “Obamacare” plan includes a national health identification card which is also not deemed to be discriminatory.

So why the opposition to voter ID?

The state of Indiana has been criticized by the Obama Administration for having a voter identification law, although the State of Indiana offers voter identification cards free-of-charge to citizens who don’t already have a state driver’s license or a state-issued identification card. The Supreme Court of the United States ruled on Indiana’s law April 28, 2008 (Crawford v. Marion County Election Board) and 6 out of the 9 justices said voter ID was not discriminatory: “Because Indiana’s cards are free, the inconvenience of going to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, gathering required documents, and posing for a photograph does not qualify as a substantial burden on most voters’ right to vote, or represent a significant increase over the usual burdens of voting.”

I repeat: The Supreme Court already ruled on the legality and non-discriminatory nature of the Indiana law. It was a non-partisan 6:3 vote. The Obama Admin doesn't like the ruling so is acting as though it didn't happen in opposing similar plans elsewhere.

The Supreme Court’s non-partisan, 6 to 3 ruling is common sense. Cross-referencing a form of ID w/ names on the voter list is no different than what the NAACP did the other day to those entering its convention.

P.S. The Texas Secretary of State's website outlines the voter registration process which is pretty much on par with other state's procedures except at the end of the process you receive a voter registration card which actually gets cross-referenced when you show up to vote. How easy is that?

Monday, June 25, 2012

BHO's deific powers have faded away...

The words of Isaiah 14:11-16 ff. apply to all wannabe deities: Satan, the Babylonian kings, and President Barack Hussein Obama:

Down to Sheol your pomp is brought...How you have fallen from the heavens...How you have been cut down to the earth, you who conquered [or deceived] nations! In your heart you said: “I will scale the heavens; Above the stars of God [the heavenly hosts of angels] I will set up my throne...I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will be like the Most High!” No! Down to Sheol you will be brought to the depths of the pit! When they see you they will stare, pondering over you: “Is this the man who made the earth tremble, who shook kingdoms?..."
On January 7, 2008, BHO actually said that "I am going to try to be so who are still wavering...will suddenly come to the conclusion: a light beam will shine through, will light you up, and you will experience an epiphany:  I have to vote for Barack!" Folks, you cannot make this stuff up. 

Always eager to outdo his own arrogance, the communist demagogue known as Barack stated on June 3, 2008, "...generations from now we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs for the jobless. This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal..."

The Wall Street Journal estimated that when labor force particpation rate is accounted for, we have a current unemployment rate of about 12% nationally. Where are the jobs for the jobless BHO was referring to?

Today's wacked-out BostonGlob alleges that the sea levels are rising.  They must have forgotten that their messiah, BHO said he'd reverse all that.  

Monday, June 4, 2012

...Because he is one...

"Foundations once destroyed, what can the just do?" (Ps. 11)

Samantha Power is part of BHO's National Security Council-she hates Israel/luvs PLO, and even said that the USA brought terrorism upon self.  OK. Is there anyone who thinks that BHO really doesn't want a nuclear Iran?  Is there anyone who really thinks BHO is a friend to Israel?  He is not.  BHO chose a Leftist who seeks the destruction of Israel b/c he shares the same radical Leftist sympathies. 

Donald Berwick was a recess pick w/in Medicare & Medicaid Services.  It may not seem like an Anti-Israeli Socialist like Berwick can do much damage there, but time will tell.  BHO chose one b/c he is one.
Mark Lloyd-BHO Diversity Chief of the FCC who is a fan of Hugo Chavez and seeks to curtail conservative talk radio. BHO chose a Marxist who emulates freedom crushing dictators who favor the nationalization of private enterprise b/c BHO shares the same sympathies. 

Talk about a closet Hugo Chavez fan: Ron Bloom is a socialist seeking both a nationalized healthcare & energy sector.  BHO made him a so-called Car Czar and manufacturing Czar. BHO chose a Marxist in favor of nationalization of industry b/c he is one as well.

Valerie Jarrett-Marxist–Sr. Advisor for Public Engagement & Intergovernmental Affairs-pal of Bill Ayers & Bernadine Dohrn. BHO chose a Marxist b/c he is one.
John Holdren-BHO Science Czar-for forced abortions & international police force to save planet earth. BHO chose a Leftist b/c he is one.

Anita Dunn-communist–hand-picked by BHO for role as White House Communications Director in '09. BHO chose a Marxist b/c he is one too.

Carol Browner-Asst to BHO for Energy and Climate Change-former Socialist International Commissioner-BHO hired a socialist b/c he is one.

Van Jones-admitted communist was hand-picked for a position in Obama’s White House in ’09. BHO chose a Marxist b/c he is one.

Not too many days ago, BHO awarded Dolores Huerta, a "Democratic Socialist of America," the Medal of Freedom! His 2008 "Yes We Can" Slogan came from her. BHO was at a minimum a supporter if not a member of DSA in '96. BHO awards Socialists medals 'cause he is one.

BHO was always for same-sex marriage.  See, for example, Presidential Memos dated 6/17 &10/8/09; 4/15 & 6/2/10; 5/31 & 12/6/11, as well as his 2/23/11 reversal to stop defending a law passed by Congress, the Defense of Marriage Act. Why advance policies contrary to Christian values? BHO advances secular humanist-moral relativist values b/c he is one!  

Kevin Jennings-militant gay founder of GLSEN-pro gay sex ed how-to site & BHO's Asst Dep Sec of Ed b/c BHO was always for gay marriage.

Oh. one more thing.  BHO perjured himself re gay-marriage. BHO in 96:"I favor legalizing same-sex marriages...would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages."

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pray that God will Bless America

Ammunition purchases.  At first I thought the talk-radio comments regarding massive ammunition purchases by the civilian branches of the Federal government were exaggerated.  The news had alleged that defense contractor ATK was supplying the Department of Homeland Security with 450 million rounds of ammunition over the next five years.  (As one blogger pointed out, the hollow point ammo is not just armor penetrating, it causes maximum tissue damage upon impact.) 

The trepidation of some at this news is within a context of an Obama Administration that has ignored violence perpetrated by Black Nationalists such as the New Black Panther Party, or by Occupy members, but has looked askance at peaceful and law-abiding Tea Party activists.  When I conducted my own research and looked at the public record of purchases, I was shocked to find the news was true and that indeed it was the tip of a much bigger iceberg.  Over the past two-plus years, Obama’s non-military Executive Branch agencies have been buying up more ammunition than could reasonably expected to be used:

·        On 5/21/10- Department of Homeland Security, $26,000 in ammunition.

·        On 8/23/10- Department of Homeland Security, $96,000 in “special bonded JHP” ammunition.

·        8/25/10- Department of Homeland Security, $86,000 in “308 caliber bonded core” ammo.

·        On 9/15/10- Department of Veterans Affairs, $1,277,000 in fire arms.

·        On 9/29/10- The Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, $52,000 in ammo.

·        On 1/25/11-National Park Service issues a solicitation for tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition.

·        On 3/29/11-The Fish and Wildlife Service issues a solicitation for tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition.

·        On 8/17/11-The Department of Homeland Security issues a solicitation for tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition.  Award dated 9/26/11.

·        On 8/30/11-The Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, issues a solicitation for small arms, and on 9/15/11, purchased $133,000 in ammunition and on 9/23/11, purchased $109,000 in ammunition.

·        On 11/15/11, the FBI issued a solicitation for up to 100 million rounds of hollow-point ammunition! 

What is going on?  What exactly are they preparing for?  Does it have anything to do with the fact that the Obama Administration is essentially comprised of stealth Bolsheviks who are seeking to radically transform America into a Communist Dystopia, by any means necessary?

Pray that the Leftist regime of Barrack Hussein Obama will honor the results of a free and fair election.  Let us hope and pray that by January 2013, the Leftist regime of Barack Hussein Obama will have been peacefully expelled from power by the majority valid electorate of the United States.  But let us also become increasingly sober and aware of the threat to our country posed not only from without, but also from within.